May 4, 2016

Sarah & Dan | Engaged

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Sarah and Dan met in Denver. After three weeks of talking every day, Dan flew to St Louis and took Sarah to a Blues game for their first date, and then to game three of the World Series. Talk about high standards! He thought she looked great in a cardinals hat, and she loved his curls.

Nearly two years later, Sarah was participating in stein holding championship during Oktoberfest, but Dan had other plans. He detoured on the way and stopped in Forest Park at Art Hill for their own little private Oktoberfest and to ask her for her hand in marriage.

In a few short months, Dan will marry the self-pronounced “crazy tulip lady” (follow her on instagram), and they’ll live happily ever after with their doggies, an affection for pumpkin craft¬†beer, a love of sports, and lots and lots of pizza.

I can’t wait for your wedding, Sarah & Dan! So excited that we get to capture day one of what will be an incredible marriage.

Sarah & Dan 1

Sarah & Dan 4

Sarah & Dan 3

Sarah & Dan 5

Sarah & Dan 6

Sarah & Dan 7

Sarah & Dan 8

Sarah & Dan 9

Sarah & Dan 10

Sarah & Dan 11

Sarah & Dan 12

Sarah & Dan 13

Sarah & Dan 15

Sarah & Dan 14

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