March 12, 2018

For Photographers | Super Fast Flow Posing

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Have you ever been faced with 1/4 of the time you’ve been promised and thought, “what in the heck am I going to do?”

I pretty much forced myself to live in that spot to learn so that I can stay calm and collected when it inevitably happens. They won’t be your most creative photos, but they will be well-lit and your clients will love them. That’s what is important, right?

This was a 20-minute mini engagement session for one of my couples from out of town. The entire session happened pretty much within a 20-foot square. The 20-minute session included walking to the spot, walking back, and chit chatting. I think we shot for a total of about 14 minutes. I had 6o deliverable photos for them. Here are half of them in order of how I shot them. Make sure to read to the bottom for a special announcement.

Getting a flow of posing down has opened my eyes to SO much more. There are only so many ways two human bodies can fit together, so once you learn the core, you can focus on what really matters: connection.

I have a posing guide that I’m giving away for FREE later this month on my birthday to celebrate the upcoming launch of my educational store and podcast! Make sure to follow me on facebook ( and instagram ( to pick one up!!

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  1. Jon Lemon says:

    Such great clean, classic portraits! So key to be able to get lots of variety in a short amount of time. Stoked to see the posing guide when it comes out!

  2. Todd says:

    Posing was and still can be a challenge for me. It’s easy to get off your game when stressors happen. Lookin forward to your posing guide and HAPPY early BIRTHDAY!!!! Yahoooooo!

  3. Paul Keppel says:

    What a great set of images, just goes to show that you don’t need to go far to get a great variety of images.

  4. CHEN says:

    A beautiful set!!! and so inspired to up my game with flow posing with real couples! So relaxed but great variety. Will definitely look out for your booklet!

  5. Really cool set especially when you consider the small amount of time available to create these.

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