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Your wedding is day one of your marriage, and you deserve nothing less than the absolute best.

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I believe that family is everything, and that your family isn't just the one you're born into. It's also the friends you surround yourself with, the family you marry into, and the generations that will exist because of you. Your wedding day is day one of your marriage, which will be made of a million tiny, significant moments. Most days will be incredible, but just like life before you found each other, some days will be difficult. And on those hard days, you may need to desperately be reminded that it all started with love. I believe that my job is not only to make sure your legacy is preserved for future generations, but it's also to capture the joyful laughter, happy smiles, tender moments, sweet tears, and immense love that surrounded you two when you pledged to love, honor, and respect one another for all the days of your lives. I want your wedding imagery to bring you back to day one and help carry you from that hard day to the next incredible day, so that you will be able to continue to cherish what it's all about–your family.


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Your wedding day should be fun! You're surrounded by the people who love you the most. Enjoy the day. Don't look at the clock.

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you love emotional imagery

You won't ruin your makeup if you cry when your dad sees you for the first time. And joyful belly laughs are the best. So is that sweet smile when he leaned in and whispered to you why he is so grateful that you're his wife.

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you love beautiful light

Whether it's that sun drenched backlight glow in our portraits, our dramatic window light on our handsome grooms, making our own sun when it's dreary, epic night shots, or just lighting up the dance floor, we've got you covered.

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Your wedding photography is a multi-generational investment. Your portraits will be in silver frames on mantles for years to come, and your wedding album will be treasured by your daughter, your granddaughter, and your great-granddaughter.

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We work with the best vendors in the city, and we're more than happy to hook you up with them so that they can make your dream wedding a reality. You just sit back and enjoy your big day with your friends, family, and your new spouse!

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you want a luxury experience

Our couples often tell us that the value they receive when working with us far exceeds the expense incurred. As our clients, you are part of our family, and we believe that you deserve an incredible client experience and beautiful imagery that will take you right back to day one of your marriage.

Family Heirloom


Many years ago, long before you, your grandparents pledged to love, honor, and respect one another on day one of their marriage. They passed a legacy of love, a lifetime of memories, and boxes and boxes of printed photos down to your parents, and ultimately down to you. You are bringing that legacy into your own marriage, and you know what it means to love, honor, and respect because of the groundwork that was laid for you by the generations and marriages that came before you. 

One day, your children and grandchildren will stand and make those same promises on day one of their marriages. They'll start their families with a strong foundation because you taught them what it means to love, honor, and respect one another. You'll leave a legacy of love, a lifetime of memories, and boxes and boxes of printed photos (and your gorgeous wedding album), for them to reflect upon and see the proof that you lived and loved deeply. 

Generations before us took immense care in preservation, particularly of their family history. I admit, it's great to share our photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, and scroll through our galleries on our iPhones. But if we don't take the same care as those who came before us in printing our photos and creating our first family heirlooms, our future generations won't have tangible proof that we lived and loved deeply. They may not have anything at all to sit around the dinner table, pass around, and reminisce over days long gone. It's likely that we will cease to exist once we are gone if we choose to only keep our imagery on our technology, which changes oh so quickly. Be a part of the preservation movement. #printyourphotos




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ashley fisher is a timeless, romantic, and editorial saint louis wedding photographer & CINEMATOGRAPHER serving the midwest & is available for destination weddings.

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